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Re: Chris Froome
« on: October 18, 2012, 06:52 »
ok - have finally read all of that.

And while I might buy that he had some talent and was hindered by lack of technical skills and good coaching ... I dont buy that it hindered him for 3 years.

He turned pro in 2007 you said - riding for a small SA team.  Many young guys with talent but no training or technical know how will find this pretty tough.  2008 he went to Barlow World ... first year as a NeoPro - ok

But in 2009, when he should have made the next step he did not.  Guys with talent but lacking in technical skills would have gained SOME skills in 2 years as a pro ... or will show glimpses of that talent.  A breakaway or two, small wins, those kinds of things.   Getting 5th in a TT or top 10 in minor races isnt really an indication of massive natural talent the kind you are talking about.

When he got to sky and got 'decent coaching' ... did he have this disease then?   I am a bit confused as to when he actually caught it.

And yeah - if it has held him back so incredibly severely, why the patches of great form?  All of 2011 he was crap, but managed to pull out of it enough to have a super-time at the Vuelta.  Then he was really bad and had to stop racing and have a break ... but back in time to be in tip top shape for the Dauphine and Tour.

Compare that to say Phil.  Phil had obviously a poor off-season.  Not doing the hard work he needed to, and suffered from a tooth infection early on in the season.  He was very average in the early season (Qatar, Tirreno) He was beaten by Jonathon Tiernan Locke in the Tour of Haut Var, very very ordinary at Omloop ...

By then he was training his little backside off ... trying desperately to be in shape in time for RVV.  He fell at MSR, and was ordinary and a few other races before eventually riding for GVA at RVV.  Yes - he rode for his domestique in the major race for him.  Because the 2 or 3 months of training weren't enough to get his form back.

He then started to improve, Brantse Pilj was ok (but not great), was 6th at Amstel Gold Race, 3rd at Fleche Wallone and out of the top 10 at LBL ....

So 3 months after trying desperately to improve ... he still was not in great shape - and that was from an actual training base,not 6 weeks off the bike.  At the Tour he was a little better again and was finally in reasonable shape by the Olympics - some 5 months after his toothache caused him issues.

It takes a LONG time to get back into form when you drop off, so I really dont beleive that Froome could have such treatment in February/March, and be back in form and shape by the Dauphine.  It just doesnt seem to gel for me.
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