2012 Numbnuts
« on: October 30, 2012, 09:17 »
Some declarations are given by mutual consent, some though go above and beyond any consensus. But some go so far that even that will require a consensus. Whatever the rest, the only constant is numbnuts.

Numbnut rider-

Bradley Wiggins- 'I say they're just flipping w***ers.... And that's ultimately it. :censoreds.'
Bone idle w***ers need :censoreds. Thank goodness, searching for them isn't that hard. For that, he gets one

Alberto Contador-
He's got two fingers too many, and he's not even supposed to be a Simpson

He gets one Simon "why are my hands so big"

Samuel Sanchez (and Valverde?)- Armstrong's innocent.
The pair, if Valverde said it too, deserve the 
Gary Glitter only embraced underaged spiritually
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