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Article in today's Times.  Sadly not too impressive or informed.  Not joining the dots yet.

Copenhagen did not add up.  If Cooke was to be criticised, then Pooley and a couple of others needed shooting.  Where was the train to set up Cooke if she was playing the female role of Thomas ? Brad did it, but Pooley does not ?   And then what was Armistead doing ?  Certainly she is no CAV, but wants to be treated like that ?  My internet search for 2012 + win + Lizzie, does not seem to be working.  Had they done anything to practice these tactics that were going to propel Lizzie from also ran to winner ?  Didn't look like it from my sofa !

+1 to comments Benotti69 and Francois the P, and Pedalling squares

Thinking back to the 2002 CG at Manchester where Cook won as a lone rider in a cracking race against a Team Australia that included the world number 1, didn't she have to leave straight after the race to go and be number 1 domestique for Joanne Sommariba in the Women's Tour, when it was a Tour ?  I am sure I read a couple of reports at the time.  Not a team player ?  Well  first of all you need a ........

Brought up in a tough school.  That always makes it hard to hide lack of respect for those who probably don't deserve it, even if they want it.   Lizzies teenage outburst to the press and Cookes lack of response were both entirely in keeping.    No, I am a Cooke fan.  Done it the hard way, on her own.  That British women's team has certainly never showed up at the pointy end of a race in the 10 years Cook was number 1 and needed support, but I don't think we heard her bitching.  Never heard Sean Kelly bitch about a lack of team Eire either.    I am not sure we will ever see Cook going for gold again but she sure as hell has won some great races and put up some good fights.  Leagues ahead of Cav in my books, but I can see why the "glory today" boys luv him mostest.

No women's team SKY - even when Garmin folded?  Brailsford - how can having all the GB riders in one pro squad - Team Sky be absolutely right for the men (as he states so often) and yet to do the same for the women would overstretch the resource base of Team Sky.  Rubbish, complete B***s**t.  My take is that the coaching team hated the criticsm post Beijing of "you can only win on the track and nobody rides the track".  Cooke's success was so clearly not theirs, which is why they never responded with - look we won gold in the RR and silver in the TT - instead they were silent  and so now they have set about building their own (male only) road success and being paid twice while they do so.  No place for Cooke or Pooley and if Lizzie is wound up to shoot her mouth off and bring the whole women's squad down, so what, London on the road is about CAV and what the coaching team have done. Brad and the Tour, before that is a great shot as well.  The women can go boil their heads.    Day Zero for GB road success started in 2009.  Men first and then post 2012 we will build a women's squad.

Team Sky to launch a women's squad after the "failure" at London ?  My 50p is on it.  I can't see Lizzie winning it, short of having Cav lead her out, with her braces wrapped around his seat pin.
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