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We will get a far better form guide this week-end at Flanders.

We did.  None of team GB are in the medal hunt on current form.

Lizzie states it is a big one.  Her chance to take on Vos when it matters, with a squad around her that is probably better than that around Vos. Its show time ! My guess - she will abdicate team leadership to another rider on the AA drinks squad.  Got the excuse in the bag before the starting gun goes.
Not there, but my guess is Pooley and Armistead worked for Wild who got 4th. So it rather all blows a hole in the Lizzie tale "I wuz robbed".  Darling, nobody robbed you of anything.  Cav you are not.  And as I said earlier, I am not sure we will ever see Cooke with a GB jersey on again.  Which then makes one reflect that if in the closing stages of the World champs, Van Vleuten and Wild were there for Vos [2nd].  Bronzini[1st] had 2 team-mates with her getting her to the line and Arndt was motoring it for for Tuetenberg[3rd], what might have happened if madam and her AA team mate Pooley had actually done some work and led out Cooke ?  Cooke was in the hunt with nobody for help.

Dancing on the pedals - "made a scapegoat", yes I think that about sums it up. +1
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