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It's more likely that Copenhagen was the place were long-running attitudes and agitations ran into one of those freak moments where an already thin string could only snap.

I enjoyed reading that in the paper this morning, and the one impression I was left with was that they all, from their private perspectives, had probably very good reasons to feel justified by sticking to their guns.

If Nicole had not been overtaken by the whole "new approach" here, she'd probably stood out for having crafted her own path. Now people write as if she made "poor career decisions". But she only was able to make poor decisions, because prior to that, she had made the exact right ones.

Personally I quite like the souls who get places by following their own nose. She certainly did. Cycling Team GB 2012 'with or without her' is not a guaranteed success story either, btw. Sure, it looks like a decent 'bagging' opportunity. But a lot can change through very little though.
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