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Re: Women's cycling - Darkside
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Ilaria Rinald   So I have got that as young girl, she is good on a bike.  Somewhere she bumps into dodgy characters who tell her, don't worry they are all doing it. Should have walked away but she didn't.  Then she gets caught out at one of the random tests that the system conducts trying to pretend it is "anti-doping".  Does all the same stuff Froome and Brad have been doing - I was poorly, it was for my sore feet/bad chest, sprained wrist ...  but does not get let off becasue she is nobody famous with a top gun legal team.  Does her time.  Comes back but sees that the scene does not pay  - just 400 Euro a month - what the hell this is not fair - what is going on here.  And ends up knocking around with the crowd that see Linas Rumsas also die in their midst.  Live the dream................

Well, I hope those fawning, spinelss journalists that keep on facilitating the lie, read this and reflect. I hope those fawning, spineless administrators that can't sort out a honest protocol for testing and announcement of AAFs, read this and reflect. 

It does not take much of a leap, to see some young girl starts doing exactly what she sees some of the stars of the sport doing.  Just refelct how cr!p, how completely cr*p was it, that we have first hand testimony that Van Morsel's Doctor doped her and, first hand testimony from a rider that the testers would not test Van Morsel at races, the Dutch Fed had ensured she was to be excluded from such protocols.  Instead of catching the real villains of the piece they catch flotsam like Rinaldi.  Stuff silent bans for Longo.  Stuff BC spending public money hiring in a top legal gun for Lizzie Armistead to get her off what should have been a clear ban.  If the idiot could not be arsed to challenge the protocol when she legally could, then she deserved what was coming. And stuff her wiping her twitter account and coming up with some BS story about a poorly relative when she was booking bands for her post Rio wedding party.  And stuff all her lies about not racing but training for Rio.  And stuff her team lying and backing up the lies to make the lie more convincing. Stuff silent bans for Armistead.  Armitstead, Wiggins, Froome Sir Dave Brailsford, Simon Cope - who could not be bothered to organise a camp for the British Women but could courier a package across borders and fiddle his travel expenses at the same time, Doctor Freeman, Shane Sutton and the lot of them.  A whole gaggle coming up with the same tale of sudden amnesia.  Well stuff the lot of them - they all know that knight of the realm - Sir Bradley Wiggins is sunk if any of them tell so we are treated to their pantomime performance.

And no - there is nothing in the public domain to indicate Marianne Vos ever doped.  There is nothing in the public domian to indicate that Marianne Vos ever had a silent ban.  But hell, that is one heck of a long time to be off with a broken rib and then what was it, a hamstring and since then, the whole racehorse to donkey reverse transformation that we saw with Andy Schleck when brother Frank got busted. And no, there is no evidence to indicate that the Dutch Federation is staffed by people with any more spine than Cookson and the crew of ex pros he recruited that run/ran British Cycling.

And I might not be so upset about her death and the hypocricy that brought her to that point but during her cycling career the same numpties that faciliate it, don't give her a living wage.  As a female she did not count.  Over at the clinic I can see them arguing that "workers rights", those of someone in employment - a failure of an employer to follow process - will trump the fact that Froome was juiced and his con exposed and stealing from his fellow workers.  Yes I am sure that is what his legal guns will use and they will get him off.  OK so how does that work for female cyclists?  They don't get a wage ergo they just don't count.  Oh but when it comes to paying the price, paying the ultimate price, then it is the same.  What does that produce ?  The same lifeless body as Pantani ?

Ilaria Rinaldi - I will shed a tear for you.  You doped - that was wrong.  You took other wrong decisions. 

How are UKAD getting on with their Linda McCartney investigation?  They have first hand testimony from multiple witnesses that doping was rife there.  Ex team member Jonny Clay  - that was a magnificent transformation at the end of your career.   And riding with Brad to Olympic glory in the tp - wow what a star.  I am glad BC re-organised last week and in the new structure there was no place for a guy who only 10 months before had been appointed to the elite 4 man sub groub of the board of directors that was put in place to oversee BC move out of crisis.  Clay - long term team-mate of Sutton.  Rode with Brad.  Team mate of Cope.

Ilaria Rinaldi - I will shed a tear for you.  You doped - that was wrong. You were found on a floor limp and lifeless.  Jonny Clay got to walk away into retirement with a 6 figure payout of public money.

Sutton to Parliament - have you ever encountered any PEDs in your long career in cycling ?   No Never.   

Who the hell employed Sutton and the gang - yes Cookson - I am looking at you.  Were those tarnished medals worth any of this ?  What should you have spent your time doing when you were boss at the UCI ?  You did tell us that within 12 months of coming to office you would have a miniumum wage in place for the girls.  You didn't do that.  You did do a lot of selfies.

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