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Re: Women's cycling - Darkside
« Reply #150 on: September 20, 2019, 18:45 »
I see now that CN has picked up the story.
Indeed.  ;)
Good grief.
If you come up with an excuse, at least make sure it holds up to scrutiny first. :fp
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    Re: Women's cycling - Darkside
    « Reply #151 on: October 07, 2019, 18:34 »
    Ok a quick look back at the World Championships.  I think to preface reading this, the best preview written prior to the race needs to be read.  Jens does a good job here.

    So we get that Vos is the clear favourite with Lizzie going to rise to the challenge with Marta Bastinelli in the mix, all 5 stars.  The three of the “threeway brawl” of the article title are followed by Coryn Rivera, Anna van der Breggen and Annemiek van Vleuten on four with others on three and two including Chloe Dygert.

    It was written after the time trial in which Chloe Dygert destroyed the field. 

    In all it was a very good and very fair piece. 

    What we got by way of a race was yet another in which the outcome appeared to have been decided beforehand and none of our “three” made it to the podium. 

    You will be aware up-thread of my warnings about the state of women’s cycling with Ina Yoko Teutenberg back immersed in it. It is a sign of where it is, not her effect.   I noticed she was carrying out the role of USA Women’s Team manager, DS in the car etc.  Lovely, pure fun. So we can know that whatever it is that the Dutch women have been doing in recent years, she knows all about it and makes certain that those who are with her and want to know about it, can know about it as well.  So, that a female American rider could roast the Dutch riders in the TT was a surprise but also a tribute.  Dygert working closely with both Kristin Armstrong and Ina Yoko Teutenberg, would stretch the determination to“see no evil”, of the most myopic fans.   Women’s elite cycling is in a very dark place.

    So for the road race, what did we have? Well obviously there is something that still means Vos is not allowed to win.  From blasting the season – look at that review – hitting the heights of performance not seen for years – the cannibal was back to being the cannibal - to not making the cut for the leading break.  In what shots we did see of her in the following group, she showed all the enthusiasm of riding in a boring and way too slow club run. 

    After the event, idiots like past UCI President Cookson were tweeting eulogies to Annemiek van Vleuten’s ride.  It was way more dominant than the ride it was compared to – Chris Froome in the Giro.  But what the hell was it we were watching?  She did not attack, from a select group at the head of the race who were all giving it a lot of gas, she simply rode away.  Not just a little but in what, about a little over half of an 8 minute climb she put nearly 1 minute into the chasers !  That is astonishing. The only time I can think of a performance that replicates that were some of Jeanson’s performances in Canada and the USA.  And for the next 40 minutes it was not as though Anna van der Breggen was spoiling the chase, she was simply sat on the back whilst everyone else contributed to the chase.  Does Annemiek have a motor in her bike?  What are her PEDs like compared to others ?  Was she unwell for the TT, some speculate that she was and this was her genuine –smoke the rest of the planet - form?  It’s irrelevant.  Whatever it was she had, it could not be natural and the others did not have it. Or rather Dygert and van der Breggen did have it as well, although Dygert did not have quite enough of it.  And Vos had lots of it but was told before the race she could not use it. 

    Remember this “late flowering star” has virtually nothing on her palmares until what 2011 (when at DBS with all that means).  Let’s put her in perspective.  She is 1 year older than say Nicole Cooke, the young star of her generation, who won her first senior world road race medal, a bronze in 2003.  Let me write that again.  Van Vleuten is older than Cooke !  That awesome van Vleuten talent just lay dormant for all those years ?  It just needed a coach like Blijlevelns to bring it out of her ?  How long until I need to get my chimney swept for Santa to come down it ? It makes Froome’s donkey to racehorse transformation look credible.

    I have not followed the season as I would have done in the past but when I flick through the results and see that so conveniently the winner of the British Tour was guess who – British star Lizzy 3 tests.  All those Vos wins and then this “collapse” – sure thing.  And then van Vleuten riding everyone off her wheel like a 1st Cat rider finding themselves on the start list with a load of 4th Cats and Vets.   What we have from women’s cycling more of this “fixed” narrative that we have seen since the PFP win in 2014. 

    The future.  Well the Italian women have shown time and again that they are not there to make up the numbers.  If Teutenberg and Dygert now know what the Dutch riders are doing it cannot be long before the Italians will know what to do as well, Quite whether the current crop have miles enough left on the clock to mount a challenge is open to debate.  Lizzie, works with Ina Yoko, so it would not be a question of lack of knowledge it would be motivation.   – If to win meant smoking it to go head to head with one of the Dutch riders in what would go down in history as the greatest break of all time, perhaps it was better to do what G did this year,  give it a pass and be a plucky Brit loser. Why take the heat when Froome and Brad, in particular Brad, are both doing such a good job of bringing all the negative comments from Brits down on their own heads.  “The others were not riding to help me!” she pleaded to a slabbering BBC press afterwards.  I could have predicted it from about 40 miles before the finish.  “I think they were darling, but face it, whatever she had in her tank, none of you had injected it into yours”.  Lizzie certainly made sure she got the maximum credit for “family values” around the event.  The BBC gave her the full triple chocolate with chocolate coating and chocolate sauce coverage.  I knew all about her sister and her gran and her granddad and mum and dad and all those pictures of little baby Orla!  Yes, a gallant loss left no hostage to those who would bring up all those giant stinking lies she came up with around the three missed tests.  What the mummy of sweet innocent Orla tells fibs ?  No never.

    So what will happen in Tokyo 2020 ?  Well another late flowering star is van Vleuten’s trade team mate and bronze medallist,  Amanda Spratt who is obviously showing she wants to be counted as a rider who will also do all it will take.  Some new Italian riders ?  Team USA taking on Team Holland?  Will Marianne be allowed to become the first person to win two Olympic Road Race titles ?  Well that would be one better than fellow Dutchwoman Leontin and fair’s fair – Dygert’s coach Kirstin has three in the Time Trial.   

    These girls are gambling.  They are gambling that the weak and ineffective men who administer their competitions don’t have the bal$s to bust someone big because to do so would destroy the show and it might well take more than 10 years to recover.  And they know those same men don’t believe they dope as hard as the male riders and those male administrators don’t want to destroy this little backwater of cycling that they had been working hard to lift up.  It would mean kissing goodbye to an awful lot and more importantly facing up to the fact that they have been played for fools.

    My view, I think the girls have worked it out.  It is the lawless wild west and if you don’t like it, go and find something else to do.
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    Re: Women's cycling - Darkside
    « Reply #152 on: October 08, 2019, 15:19 »
    I have to admit I have not followed womens cycling much the last few years.  The whole thing with Cooke and Pooley annoyed me so much I stopped watching it.

    I did watch the WRR though - and saw exactly what you are talking about.  There was not much beleivability to it  :(
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