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Re: Rugby...for those who like odd shaped balls
« Reply #60 on: February 23, 2013, 20:35 »
If the French management are equally inept in the remaining two matches, it's a possibility. Ireland in Dublin will be tough for them but Scotland at home is usually a guaranteed win. I expect the wooden spoon will go to the Italians as usual.

A fantastic result today for England given how poor they were and how bad some of their initial selections were. I thought Lancaster was Mr Common Sense but Lawes at 6? Wood who plays 6 was at 8, Robshaw who plays 6 was at 7 but at 6 was a guy who doesn't play in the back row at all and boy did it show. England also have to sort out their wingers, Brown isn't a winger and Ashton looks like he never played rugby league as his basics are so poor. But somehow England got away with it and live to fight another day and can put right some of these selection issues.

England ended up winning comfortably for a number of reasons, firstly substitutions; England's subs improved them as a team, France's made them much worse. Secondly, fitness; France ran out of steam against Wales and it was no surprise to see them fade today. Thirdly, crucial refereeing decisions went England's way. The French should view that game as a blown opportunity and it must be especially disheartening for the game's best player, Picamole.

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