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Re: The Secret Pro Blog
« Reply #90 on: February 23, 2015, 19:47 »
I haven't read anyone else's response yet, but here's mine.

Another embarrassing offering. I really wish they would just stop this nonsense.

The article starts with the usual painfully obvious observations and “insights.”
Ooh, it’s hot and sandy in the desert; there are no roadside fans; the riders don’t typical like the conditions; without the wind and bad weather the races become mundane and predictable sprints.

No kidding.

Then, he has the audacity to call out a rider by name (Bouhani) all while remainng anonymous himself. Yeah, don’t expect that to last very long. As soon as someone gets wind of who’s behind these sophomoric ramblings, his real name will be the toast of Twitterati coast-to-coast.

The Hour
Wow. Wiggins to set the likely standard. Brilliant. Never would’ve thought of that myself. I should probably join a cycling forum or something.

Disc brakes
Ah, taking a swipe at Conti and Pro-Conti riders. Remember, “Mr. Secret,” nobody likes a dick. Nobody. Don’t be a dick. More brilliant observations: “the only place I can see [disc brakes] being an advantage is on the really wet days.” Well yeah, Sherlock, that’s kind of one of the main talking points in favor of them.

Oh, poor, poor Lance.
Seriously, dude? STFU. Just shut it.
Then he suggests that it be David Millar to the rescue? If all this sympathy for Lance and cheerleading for Millar is a reflection of the pro peloton, then f’ck them. They have the corrupt and ridiculous sport they deserve.

Fireworks from Tinkoff-Saxo this year? Ya’ don’t say.
Oh, and Oleg is an unstable pr*ck? Imagine that. Suggesting that anyone should then follow Oleg’s ego-driven Twitter drivel is laughable.

This column is the biggest joke since UCI_Overlord.

Jesus Christ. :fp
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