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The PCB has attempted to clarify comments made by Saeed Ajmal about his bowling action by issuing a statement that suggests the spinner's arm is not naturally straight. Ajmal had apparently suggested that he was allowed 23.5 degrees of extension when bowling by the ICC - rather than the limit of 15 - but the Pakistan board said this figure included the angle of Ajmal's elbow joint, which was affected by an accident some years ago.

 "The ICC's level of tolerance of 15 degrees relates to the degree of elbow extension that is permitted in the bowling action, ie. the amount by which the arm is straightening," Pakistan team manager Naveed Akram Cheema said. "Previous tests conducted on the action of Saeed Ajmal show that the degree of elbow extension is well within ICC's tolerance levels."

 "Saeed Ajmal was referring to the angle of elbow abduction, ie. the angle of the upper arm to the forearm and not the degree of elbow extension. This angle is approximately 23 degrees in Saeed's case."


 Ajmal said: "Someone is telling me my action is bad because the ICC allowed me as a bowler 23.5 degrees, because my arm is not good. A few years ago I had an accident. Otherwise, no problem, the action was cleared by ICC."

An ICC spokeman denied that was the case. "There is no dispensation for anyone," he said. "It is worth remembering that his first language is not English and this may have been a slip of the tongue."

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