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Re: Bike Fit / Positions...
« on: September 13, 2014, 12:33 »
Although my original intention was to start a new thread, maybe it's best just to add my question here.

What is the definition of a "long" femur?

Femur length is something that comes up quite often when discussing proper bike fit, and it's often mentioned alongside talk of various riders. Here was an interesting comment from JV on the subject not too long ago on another forum.

pretty much every Tour winner has extra long thigh bones and large left ventricles.... funny enough, Lance was one of the few who did not have a long femur....take a look at a photo of Hinault or LeMond sometime...the long femur thing was a much greater advantage when you're limited to a 42*23 - it also, as a function of a short tibia, gives an aerodynamic advantage as you are able to lean over further before the knee hits the chest.

But I've never read an actual definition of what constitutes "long."

Is it an absolute length, a relative length, or a combination of the two?

My main road bike is a LeMond, and I've heard on more than one occasion that LeMond frames are good "if you have a long femur."

OK, so what does mean? My height is just a touch over 6ft, or about 183cm, but I don't know the precise measurement of my femur (or even how I would determine that).


What is the definition of a "long" femur?
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