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Re: Other sports
« Reply #30 on: March 07, 2012, 23:27 »
Scoring runs will be a problem for them, PETCO is huge after all. They'll need Blanks to become the player all the projections had him at before he came up to the majors and I think they'll miss Latos, I know they got Volquez and a few others in return, but if you look at Latos and Volquez's careers to date, Latos is the better pitcher at present, although I can't find the FIP stat for either, but I will track it down.

Latos 429.2 IP  7.6H/9, 2.8BB/9, 8.7SO/9 and a 1.154 WHIP

whereas Volquez has 497.0 IP 8.8H/9, 4.8BB/9, 8.7SO/9 and a 1.497 WHIP

I am not expecting much at all , anything above last in the division will be a winning season for me ;D. I am really interested to see how Latos goes in GAB , going to be a lot tougher for him pitching in that park even though his home and road splits are pretty good.

I also have a soft spot for Toronto and I honestly thought this would be the year they would try and make a big move to catch up to NY,Boston and Tampa but I was left disappointed in their off season.

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