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Re: The Joke Thread
« on: February 09, 2014, 12:45 »
The GFC has hit small companies the most. A person I know, Andrew, was the manager of such a company which had hit hard times. Andrew, having to cut costs spends the weekend on a possible solution. 

After extreme thought, he came to the solution to lay off two of his staff. He informs two of his staff, Jane and Jack, of the impending situation and calls them for a meeting the following week to put their case forward to remain in the company.

He arrives early Monday morning to hear each of their cases.

"Jane, as you can see, the company has been losing money for a while now, and unfortunately the situation so demands that if costs aren't cut, we'll all be out of a job. I've spent a few days thinking about this and can offer two solutions- either lay you or Jack off."

Jane, slightly taken aback, replies-
"Well it's that time of the month sir, so it looks as if you'd have to jack off."
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