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Re: The Joke Thread
« on: March 14, 2014, 07:36 »
It was a beautiful spring morning, and a couple from the city decide to enjoy a day in the countryside, so set off for a drive in the car.  As they drive down an idyllic country lane, they are surprised to see a small girl struggling to pull a huge, very stubborn bull along the road.  The animal was calm, and not posing any danger, but even with the traditional ring through its nose, it had no intention of responding to the girl's attempts to move it.

The couple pulled their car over, appalled at such a blatant case of inappropriate child labour.  As the window whirred down, the wife asked, "What are you doing, trying to move such a large animal?"
"It's the breeding season missus," the girl replied, "so I'm bringing the bull down to the cows to get them in calf."
"Can your father not do that?" the townies continued, in their most patronising tone.
"No," sighed the little girl, "it has to be the bull."
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