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Re: Darkside - General news
« Reply #780 on: September 30, 2013, 22:27 »
Thanks, Uncle Keith!

I think this sums up where cycling has been for some years already. The testing isn't really working.

However, I also consider that the bio-passport borders on voodoo obscurantism and, as I have often felt, it gave the Verbruggen-McQuaid UCI and it still gives any other corrupt sporting body ample opportunity to deliver selective justice.

What's more, we have seen some recent opinions that manipulation could be continuing without the contractually-silenced ABP panel apparently noticing.

Time will tell what Cookson can do but this much is clear: in embracing WADA so wholeheartedly as he did last week, he can eventually start to pass the buck to someone else.

Cookson has done three really clever moves right from the off:
1. Getting rid of responsibility for catching or sanctioning doping. Typical politco move and gives him the excuse forever "Not my problem"
2. Bringing onside Tracey Gaudrey. The hardest part of his manifesto was promising to improve the lot of womans cycling. He has effectively delegated this to Tracey now.
3. Distancing himself from Makarov. I don't believe this, but he can now manage the relationship through a more structured management committee with clear voting and transparency.

Where his potential minefields are:
1. The relationship with the Developing Nations. I don't think the Egyptian guy is strong enough to help Cookson with the sub-saharan African cpountries, let alone the Asian and South American federations. He will have to do a lot of work himself.
2. The relationship with the IOC. I expect Cookson will be making a lot of calls for help with Lord Coe and band of merrimen.
3. The relationship with the ProTour. It seems to me that half the bad press are the day to day fights with the ProTour various stakeholders and the UCI. How does he sort this out?
4. Most importantly, the internal organisation at the UCI. He probably has some good staff, but some were clearly fighting tooth and nail against change. He needs to get the organisation singing off the same song sheet and moving in his direction and not p*ssing inside the tent.
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