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Re: Darkside - General news
« Reply #960 on: March 05, 2014, 11:58 »
‘The most famous game of all is the prisoner’s dilemma, and it’s a natural explanation for why athletes take drugs despite the risks’

some interesting ideas

Oh, these economical explanations for everything just make me want to cry *sigh* I just don't buy that you can reduce a human figuratively speaking in to a single atom that spins around trying to maximize its utility. Which is the prerequiste economical theories. Otherwise economists can't build their *fancy* mathematical models.

This article even more funny, probably because those poor economists can't explain doping with their *fancy* models :we all gonna die . After concluding there's nothing wrong with the model the *fault* must be somene else to blame  – enter the fans. Yes of course they are the one to blame. The fans substitute for a totally discrete unquantifiable variable  i.e it is not possible to put that into a mathematical model. However they probably provide with some latent effect to the model, or exogenous effect if I'm going to speak economeeze.

The problem is that game theory does not account for structural elements in society. Which mean, what are the effects of belonging to a society or group?

Hein and Phat surely understood the scope of doping in cycling but they tried to cover it up instead of dealing with the problem. Even Lance Armstrong and was right to some extent in his argument of levelling the playing field – not as an excuse to take banned substances though.

Although the last two paragraphs has noting to do with game theory and its short comings. I do sort of agree with the last two paragraphs.  I think revealing during Sochi IOC has tested x per cent more atletes compared to previous Olympic Games in Vancouver. Togehter with the low number of athletes that has been tested positive (despite knowing lab time is a huge bottle neck, and most results will be published after the games has finished) is just to show the sponsors, not the fans mind you, that IOC are running  a smooth operation.

Disclaimer: I'm a Sociologist and I consider economists to be the arch enemy, well sort of anyway ;)
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