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Re: Darkside - General news
« Reply #1050 on: July 14, 2014, 13:00 »
It is open, the information is out there, . . .

It is open and transparent. One can not say it is not. It simply is not shouted from the rooftops. Whether or not shouting it from the rooftops is good or bad, I can not say.

It could be that, if they are truly serious, they know there will be more adverse findings, so that rather than treating them like they are exceptional - which, you have to admit, was the de rigeur format up until very recently - they want to treat them in a more matter-of-fact manner. Perhaps hoping for less "dopage" negative press events.

If Cookson gets sufficient negative attention for this new method, he may well change it. He could also be seeking ways to save money internally, and press events cost money. Let the press do some of the leg work, instead of internal staff. Who knows. Let the fuss stew for a bit, and see what Cookson's reaction is.

One other thought, on punishment - EVERYTHING about a punishment, at least in modern systems, comes down to one word - deterrent. A deterrent for the guilty, and a deterrent for the not-yet-guilty. The only other words that I think are truly definitional are revenge, and stability. Revenge is a human emotion that desires satisfaction, and may have no other practical purpose or result. Stability is the goal of the leadership, and guilty individuals may be removed from the polis to achieve stability. E.g. Socrates (who could also be said to be a victim of revenge motivation).

Punishment is usually out of proportion to the crime, because the guilty have a skewed curve of perceived reward vs risk. Therefore it takes a large risk to impress on them that there IS a risk. We don't know yet if 2 years is enough - but I think it is more dependent on the testing regimes, and how big the risk is of getting caught at all that will be the biggest variable here. IMO.

I think our systems have moved past revenge as a factor in dishing out punishment. Even if some of the public have not. The same can not be said of stability. Leaders still act to remove destabilizing influences. At least - when they are aware of them.
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