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Re: Darkside - General news
« Reply #1050 on: July 15, 2014, 12:48 »
1st I think maybe all the uci transparent discussion maybe shoukd go in the uci cookson thread,

but this appeared on cn

I think we can do a better job. I think we can update that schedule more effectively but there have been seventy-odd cases since I became UCI president and took over and I don’t think you guys are interested in everyone but I do accept that you are interested in some more than others. We probably have to look at the way we present information to the public. If there is a case that is of public interest, I think we have to announce it in a proactive way rather than in a reactive way as we've done in the past."

70 cases in what 8 months

laz how many have you entered?

Anyway following WADA code =/= open and transparent

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