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Re: Darkside - General news
« Reply #2040 on: June 15, 2019, 06:16 »
he isn't (or wasn't) even listed on Dopeology... Larri must be completely shocked as well :D

I'm desperately trying to track down what I'm certain was on old post of mine.

Neil Browne used to host a live video chat, on Sunday evenings, under the title of Tour Chats (although I suspect that they are no longer archived.) One evening (although I was included on multiple broadcasts) he, and a cycling journo co-host of his (who's identity currently escapes me), took a question of mine. I made a remark about Cobo's obvious ridiculousness, and Neil's sidekick seemed utterly perplexed by my insinuations—and it really peeed me off at the time!

I would love to track that down and throw it in the face of whoever that hack was.  :D

I mean, FFS, there has never been a more obvious, and more conspicuous, case of doping than Cobo's performance. Although if someone cares to argue for the person who he beat as being more so, well, you won't get any argument from me on that.

Those back-and-forth accelerations with Froome were nearly identical to what we saw between Contador and Rasmussen, as well as between Menchov and DiLuca. So give me a break with any sort of rationalization of it all. It was pure comedy, through and through.

In light of all that, I envision four possible follow-ups that would create a virtual tsunami of negative press, should they come to light.

1) Froome gets popped as well (from that same race).
2) Wiggins too.
3) Lance 2.0 gets exposed.
4) Chris Horner's Vuelta ends up in the dustbin.

To be honest, it would't surprise me, in the least, if all the above came to fruition. Honestly though, I couldn't care less. I don't trust any performance I see, from any athlete, across any sport. I decide, on my own, which ones I will still enjoy though—and there are plenty. It's still entertaining. I just don't put any value on it beyond that.

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