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Re: Darkside - General news
« Reply #2040 on: June 15, 2019, 10:25 »
he isn't (or wasn't) even listed on Dopeology... Larri must be completely shocked as well
I don't know where I heard/read it first, but allegedly, during the 2008 Tour (when Cobo was on Saunier Duval) a staff member had to wake him up during the nights to exercise in order to keep the blood flowing and stop it from clogging the arteries.
And that when the team was thrown out after Riccò's and Piepoli's positives, it was really for the best for Cobo's long-term (and short-term!) health.
Sure, this is the old "so many blood bags that the blood isn't really liquid anymore" trope, so it may just be a legend.

By the 2011 Vuelta, it was an open secret, and had been for years, that Cobo was up to no good. Of course he was. He just had never tested positive.
The surprise isn't that he was caught, but that it took so long - which doesn't put in-race doping tests in a great light.

And looking at that Peña Cabarga finish ... who can honestly say they believe Froome was on pan y agua there?
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