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Re: Darkside - General news
« Reply #2040 on: June 15, 2019, 12:26 »
And looking at that Peña Cabarga finish ... who can honestly say they believe Froome was on pan y agua there?

I have to say, (not that my personal opinion would possibly matter to the multi-Tour winner) that if Froome came clean, and explained exactly how he pulled off what he did, and how he made such great strides so suddenly, and how he avoided detection—I'd probably give him a pass on everything.

It was pure genius from a Dark Side perspective. I even think he's earned a unique jersey for it all his own. It's only coincidence that his current INEOS one  #ineos is perhaps the perfect color scheme, but he really does deserve some sort of special award.

It's kind of funny how an avalanche of corroborating evidence eventually brought down Armstrong, and made his own confession inevitable and unavoidable.  Funny, because that same avalanche of evidence, that continues to this day with others (even if it's at a glacial pace), will probably one day restore Lance's name to the record books.

Armstrong's own denials that went on for years will likely pale in comparison to the absurdity of him being singled-out. Yes, he did quite a bit more than simply use PEDs, but as the revelation of other's dirty deeds continue to be exposed, erasing one name from the books, and not others, will be the most farcical thing of all.

Which of course means that Floyd's name should be restored to honor as well.  :D

(No, seriously.)
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