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Re: Darkside - General news
« Reply #2040 on: July 06, 2019, 17:05 »
as Lance points out, WHY TF would you take your hands off the handlebars on a hard-to-handle TT bike, in bad weather, on a recon ride?

I think Lance is slightly misinformed here. Yes, there's a photo of Froome with both hands off the bars while trying to put on a jacket. Yes, he was warned against taking the extra risk.

But the moment in question, the one that caused the actual crash, was when Froome was clearing his nose, and I suspect only had one hand off the bars, as so many people have done countless times. There seemed to be some early discrepancies in the reporting of this as to how many hands Froome truly had on the bike at the time of the crash, but I don't think he took both hands off in that moment.

There was a strong crosswind that caught his front tyre and thrust him into a concrete wall of a home, just past a driveway entrance, from what I saw. It was incredibly unfortunate timing, and maybe Froome should've been more diligent. But Armstrong seemed to think, or was giving the impression, that Froome crashed during a jacket change, and that's not how it happened, according to more detailed reports.

Either way, it does seem that Chris was being careless, and needlessly so. Which is ironic, given the attention to detail that his squad has built their reputation around.
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