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Re: Darkside - General news
« Reply #480 on: April 10, 2013, 14:59 »
The thing is, the only people ever called out are yellow-brown skilled athletes from far away countries. BBC also had their Quintana moment. Surprise surprise it was a algerian middle distance runner no one knows. We're disgusted that he was so.obviously getting away with doping. The British Jamaican or us athletes though, even if they are shattering world records, don't you dare say a word about them . Similarly the US coach went after the Chinese swimmer. Of course the American ones winning half the gold medals in the pool was perfectly all right. Now we see some dickhead calling out the most talented young rider in a generation for winning a week race. Who just happens to be Colombian mestizo. Far more suspicious performances are unquestioned.

I agree and also wonder if twitter would have exploded if Porte had of won and been called out

not likely these guys would have been hero´s

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