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Re: Nutrition
« on: February 05, 2013, 15:06 »
That's an interesting point, actually: eating the two types.

On some rides I have eaten things that take too long to start burning and have found myself dipping pretty low before the stuff finally kicks in. The ontbijtkoek - or pain d'épices - does have a fair bit of sugar in it, so I figure that kicks in pretty quickly before the rye bulk starts to burn?

So do you think that if I eat more, I will be able to ride further? I never cease to be amazed at how achy and tired I start to feel beyond 60km on my regular route (which only really has one decent hill on it). Sometimes I thought maybe my position is bad or my saddle not right but when I found the same phenomenon happened on the 'cross bike (with a rather different position, alu shock absorption and much more forgiving saddle), I figured the problem was more that I was just too crap.

Riding the same route a number of times has helped me to listen to my body a bit more, rather than worry about where the hell the next turn will be on the Garmin Edge. I still occasionally miss a junction (it all looks pretty similar out there ;)) but I have been able to ride the route a little differently each time to see how I go.

If I don't ride my arse off on a long tailwind section after Erps-Kwerps which comes about 5km before the halfway point, I go a lot better in the last part of the ride.

I always feel really crap on the Kerserlaarstraat just before crossing the railway at Schoonarde. This bit is a straight headwind which doesn't help but I tend to feel a bit cranky at this point. The only real hill of the day comes after Everberg, on which my performance varies widely. Sometimes I need to eat again just before Kooige and that is prime bonk territory if I haven't eaten before. :D
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