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Re: Nutrition
« on: February 05, 2013, 17:47 »
Interesting topic.
I agree, it sounds like you eat too little on the bike, l'arri. I've found out (not that I ride any significant amount) that when on a long ride, I basically have to stuff my face from 20 minutes after leaving home, until I'm 30 minutes at most from home. Not forgetting to drink of course, and if it's 2+ hours, I always take some sort of carbohydrate drink (whether that's simply a couple of teaspoons of sugar in the bottle, or one of the powders you can buy).
On those rides, I'll eat bananas (no more than one a day though, I can't stand the things), stroopwafels (absolutely love those - wrapped in aluminium foil so the jersey pockets don't get sirupy), standard muesli bars (the kind you find in every supermarket), fruit bars (the kind you find in organic food shops), cycling-specific overpriced energy bars, and I've made small sandwiches with honey as well some times. Never tried ontbijtkoek (or, as I know it in Germany, Honigkuchen) - I think I would find it too dry if not buttered. That's my personal problem with some of the cycling-specific energy bars as well: I find that I don't like the taste of some of them, and I don't seem to digest them well either. I can recommend SIS bars though; they're mostly based on grape juice, taste OK, and are not too large - with other bars, I've sometimes eaten half a bar and put the rest back in the pocket to eat it 15 minutes later.

Now I've answered your questions about during-ride nutrition in a long post. I'll answer the pre- and post-ride questions more clearly:
1. Oatmeal, or some kind of müesli, with milk. One, occasionally two bowls.
2. Not really. I don't ride enough to see any patterns... Have to work on that.
1. Shortly after coming home, I drink a large glass (or two) of "Apfelschorle" - apple juice mixed with mineral water (with gas). Tasty, and having the right mixture of salts and whatnot. I don't remember exactly what it replenishes, but it's helpful...
As a real meal, more often than not I have pasta. It isn't overly complicated, it restocks the carbs, and it's delicious.
2. Well, as long as it takes to shower, get presentable again, and cook pasta... ;)
3. Plenty, but not because of post-ride considerations. I've tried a protein bar once, but that wasn't a hit. And I can spend my money on more useful things. So I'd listen to any recovery protein suggestions (apart from eggnog).
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