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Re: Nutrition
« on: February 05, 2013, 19:45 »
Oh, this is gold. Thank Yous are not working on my iPoop for some reason, but consider yourselves duly thanked!

I don't think my jersey pockets are big enough for all the good stuff but it's great to know. I was kind of thinking I wasn't supposed to eat very much but there you go!

I've only ever tried two kinds of gels: some absolutely awful "3 Action" ones they were selling at Van Eyck Sport recently (wouldn't even put that in my hair) and the first brand I ever tried, Torq from the UK. I think I was spoiled with Torq because the black cherry yogurt one was excellent if very pricey. I once climbed the Grand Veymont (on foot) on a couple of those and a pasta salad. Not sure I could justify the expense now but I still buy them as gifts for my brother who's also a cycling nut and a lot fitter than me.

Mrs L'arri loves Allen Lim's rice cakes and despite the dodgy status old Limmeke has, his cake recipe is very good.

I'm starting to experiment with Indian sweets at the moment, inspired as I am by the various sweets we tried in the city of Jaipur. I think that barfi - a cherished childhood favourite of mine - and carrot halwa could be perfect for the quick buzz Fus and JSG have both identified. I'll post my recipes on krebley's Kitchen thread at some point and wait for Ram to come along and laugh at their inauthenticity! :D
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