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Re: Formula 1 - 2013
« Reply #60 on: April 21, 2013, 21:47 »
Simply put, this race should not be taking place, not in this country. The same as we should not be giving countries like China who continue to murder 10's oif hundreds of people each year for minor crimes, olympic games, or bike races.

I think the positive thing about having this grand prix in Bahrain is that it comes together with some kind of coverage about the problems and injustices over there which is not covert by mass media at all, apart from that.  Although the GP itself gives the government to exploit themselves in a positive way and they are certainly supported by Ecclestone, so it propably should not take place, yes.

today's race itself was still good though. Too bad Alonso couldn't find for the win due to his mechanical problem but apart from Vettel cruising to the victory there was a lot of very good race action
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