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Seems like a lovely project - what with Afghanistan doing so well in the cricket, India winning some medals with two of their ladies, this sort of thing can do with some support, even a small contribution will make a diffs :)

A @Kickstarter worth supporting: Afghan Cycles: about the Afghan women's cycling team  cc @kabloemski @festinagirl"
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    Hey, Bart! Your epidermis is showing!

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    It looks like the film was made after all.

    I was brought to this thread because of this today from JV:

    Brave women, indeed.

    But I am simply dumbfounded by that article. As inspiring as the story is, I never imagined that Afghanistan had ELEVEN racing teams!? I never would have guessed. (I also never even knew that ESPN had a "W" version of itself)

    The Afghan National Cycling Federation is the only one of Afghanistan's 11 bike-racing teams that permits women to train and race.

    (I can't seem to find the appropriate emoticon for :shocked-that-afghanistan-has-11-teams)

    "The fact that their families have allowed them to ride bikes makes these women, and their parents, very unique in Afghanistan," says Heather Barr, a researcher in Kabul with Human Rights Watch.

    Fascinating article.
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    Of course, if this turns out someday to be the industry standard integrated handlebar-computer-braking solution then I'll eat my kevlar-reinforced aerodynamic hat.

    Larri Nov 12, 2014

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    It did not end well
    And here you have it:
    While all women’s sports here are suffering, none have failed quite as spectacularly as the women’s national cycling team. Celebrated in documentaries, and the subject of a 2014 book and a blizzard of news articles, the team was recently nominated for this year’s Nobel Peace Prize — thanks to the tireless promotion of its benefactor, Shannon Galpin, who financed the team through her Colorado-based charity, Mountain to Mountain.

    However, Ms. Galpin announced on her web page last month that she would no longer support the Afghan Cycling Federation because of what she described as “out of control” corruption by the team’s longtime coach and the head of the federation, Haji Abdul Sediq Seddiqi.

    Upthread I had expressed my astonishment that such program could even be in place.

    Turns out that it really wasn't.  :S
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