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Echoes Top100 hits
« on: March 24, 2013, 20:43 »
OK I've tried to be as multicultural as possible but at the end of the day ethnocentrism is unavoidable, I'm afraid. Anyway, enjoy !

Echoes   Pink Floyd                  1971   UK   Progressive Rock   
Granchester Meadows   Pink Floyd                  1969   UK   Psychedelic Folk       
Shine on You Crazy Diamond (Pt I)   Pink Floyd                  1975   UK   Progressive Rock   
High Hopes   Pink Floyd                  1993   UK   Progressive Rock   
Fat Old Sun   Pink Floyd                  1970   UK   Progressive Rock   David Gilmour "Fat Old Sun" (Royal Albert Hall Performance)   
Comfortably Numb   Pink Floyd                  1979   UK      Progressive Rock      
Wish You Were Here   Pink Floyd                  1975   UK   Folk Rock      
Sheep    Pink Floyd                  1977   UK   Progressive Rock   
On the Turning Away   Pink Floyd                  1987   UK      Progressive Rock   
Absolutely Curtains   Pink Floyd                  1972   UK      Progressive Rock      
Gates of Delirium    Yes                  1974   UK      Progressive Rock      
Ripples…   Genesis                  1976   UK      Progressive Rock      
Locomotive Breath    Jethro Tull                  1971   UK      Progressive Rock      
Lick Your Fingers Clean    Jethro Tull                  1971   UK      Progressive Rock      
Song for Jeffrey   Jethro Tull                  1968   UK      Blues Rock    
Il triello   Ennio Morricone                  1966   Italy      Lyricism      
Chi Mai   Ennio Morricone                  1971   Italy      Lyricism      
The Man with the Harmonica   Ennio Morricone                  1968   Italy      Lyricism      
Mucchio Selvaggio   Ennio Morricone                  1973   Italy      Lyricism      
Il mio nome e Nessuno   Ennio Morricone                  1973   Italy      Lyricism      
C'era una volta il West   Ennio Morricone                  1968   Italy      Lyricism      
On Earth as It is in Heaven   Ennio Morricone                  1986   Italy      Symphonic Romanticism      
L'arena   Ennio Morricone                  1968   Italy      Lyricism      
Il tramonto   Ennio Morricone                  1966   Italy      Lyricism      
Il vento, il grido   Ennio Morricone                  1972   Italy      Lyricism      
Arizona si scatenò... e li fece fuori tutti, s.11   Bruno Nicolai                   1970   Italy      Lyricism      
Sultans of Swing   Dire Straits                  1977   UK      Blues Rock      
You and Your Friend   Dire Straits                  1991   UK      Power Ballad      
Brothers in Arms   Dire Straits                  1985   UK      Progressive Rock      
On Every Street   Dire Straits                  1991   UK      Power Ballad      
Ticket to Heaven   Dire Straits                  1991   UK      Folk Rock      
You Don't Know You're Born   Mark Knopfler                  2002   UK      Folk Rock      
Are We in Trouble Now?   Mark Knopfler                  1996   UK      Folk Rock      
L'Aziza   Daniel Balavoine                  1986   France      Ballad Rock      
Le jour s'est levé   Présence (feat. Daniel Balavoine)                  1971   France      Progressive Rock      
Livin' on Love   Alan Jackson                  1994   USA      Country      
Up On Cripple Creek   The Band                  1969   Canada      Folk Rock      
Acadian Driftwood   The Band                  1975   Canada      Folk Rock      
Kind Woman    Buffalo Springfield                  1968   USA      Country Rock      
Teach Your Children   Crosby Stills Nash & Young (or Kathy Mattea & Suzy Bogguss)                  1970   UK      Country Rock      
Helplessly Hoping   Crosby Stills Nash & Young                  1969   USA      Folk Rock      
Ramble Tamble   Creedence Clearwater Revival                  1970   USA      Swamp Rock      
Atlantis    Donovan                  1968   UK      Folk Rock      
Un singe en hiver   Michel Magne                  1962   France      Traditional Chinese Folk      
Lucky Man   Emerson Lake & Palmer                  1970   UK      Folk Rock      
Marca triomfale   Giuseppe Verdi                  1871   Italy      Lyricism      
Take Me Home, Country Roads   John Denver                  1971   USA      Country      
Stairway to Heaven   Led Zeppelin                  1971   UK      Power Ballad      
Hide it so Deep   Manassas                  1972   USA      Country Rock   
Lawrence of Arabia    Maurice Jarre                  1962   France      Romanticism      
Lara's Theme   Maurice Jarre                  1965   France      Romanticism      
Villa Rides    Maurice Jarre                  1968   France      Huapango      
Building the Barn   Maurice Jarre                  1984   France      Folk Hymn
Départ de Naples   Georges Delerue                  1964   France      Neo-Romanticism      
Nocturne   Georges Delerue                  1972   France      Neo-Romanticism      
Antoine et Ursula    Georges Delerue                  1964   France      Instrumental Rock/Yé-Yé   
Shichinin No Samurai - Ending Theme    Fumio Hayasaka                  1954   Japan      Neo-Romanticism      
My My Hey Hey   Neil Young                  1979   Canada      Folk Rock      
Pocahontas   Neil Young                  1979   Canada      Folk Rock      
Sway    The Rolling Stones                  1971   UK      Blues Rock      
Trio in E Flat   Franz Schubert                  1827   Austria      Chamber Music   
This Time   Waylon Jennings                  1974   USA      Outlaw Country      
Set You Free This Time   The Byrds                  1965   USA      Folk Rock      
Through The Morning Through The Night   Dillard & Clark                  1969   USA      Folk Rock      
Christine's Tune   The Flying Burrito Brothers                  1969   USA      Country Rock      
Life's Been Good   Joe Walsh                  1976   USA      Reggae Fusion      
Son of Alerik   Deep Purple                  1984   UK      Neoclassical Rock      
Blues Power    Eric Clapton                  1970   UK      Blues Power      
Nights in White Satin (Extended Version)   The Moody Blues                  1967   UK      Symphonic Rock      
Goodbye Stranger   Supertramp                  1979   UK      Progressive Rock   
The Entertainer   Scott Joplin                  1902   USA      Ragtime      
Epitaph    King Crimson                  1969   UK      Progressive Rock    
9th Symphony , Op. 95, "New World", Largo   Antonin Dvorak                  1893   Bohemia      Romanticism   
9th Symphony, Op. 95, "New World", Allegro con fuoco   Antonin Dvorak                  1893   Bohemia      Romanticism
En el lago   Triana                  1975   Spain      Progressive Rock      
Abre la puerta, niña   Triana                  1975   Spain      Progressive Rock      
El duendecito   Vladimir Cosma                  1980   Romania      Andine Folk      
Les fugitifs (intro)   Vladimir Cosma                  1986   Romania      Ambient   
Les fugitifs (main title)   Vladimir Cosma                  1986   Romania      Neo-Romanticism      
Oliver Runs Away   Rachel Portman                  2005   UK      Neo-Romanticism      
Todii   Oliver Mtukudzi                  1998   Zimbabwe      Chimurenga      
Malédiction   Alain Bashung                  1986   France      Country Rock      
Corazón Espinado   Carlos Santana & Manà                  2000   Mexico      Latin Rock       
Italian Symphony - 1st Movement   Felix Mendelssohn                  1835   Germany      Romanticism      
Mama Kin    Aerosmith                  1973   USA      Blues Rock    
Il voyage en solitaire   Gérard Manset                  1975   France      Folk   
Forever Young   Bob Dylan    performed by    Johnny Cash            1994   USA      Country      
You Ain't Goin' Nowhere   Bob Dylan    performed by    The Byrds            1968   USA      Country Rock   
Jerusalem   Sir Hubert Parry   performed by    Emerson Lake & Palmer      adapted from   William Blake's And Did Those Feet    1973   UK      Progressive Rock      
Cotton Fields    Lead Belly   performed by    The Beach Boys            1968   USA      Country Rock      
Wasn't Born to Follow   Carole King & Gerry Goffin   performed by    The Byrds            1968   USA      Psychedelic Country Rock      
Turn! Turn! Turn!   Pete Seeger   performed by    The Byrds   adapted from   The Book of Ecclesiast      1965   USA      Folk Rock      
The Irish Rover   Traditional   performed by    The Dubliners            1987   Ireland      Irish Ballad      
Bird Dog   Boudleaux-Bryant   performed by    The Everly Brothers            1958   USA      Ballad Rock      
Midnight Flyer   Paul Craft   performed by    The Eagles            1974   USA      Country Rock      
Ain't It Amazing   Bob McDill   performed by    Don Williams            1981   USA      Country Ballad      
Some Broken Heart Never Mend   Wayland Holyfield   performed by    Don Williams            1977   USA      Country Ballad      
House of the Rising Sun    Traditional   performed & arranged by    The Animals            1964   USA      Folk Rock    
National Anthem of the Soviet Union   Alexander Alexandrov    performed by    The Red Army Choir            1944   Russia      Hymn      
Rocky Road to Dublin    D.K. Gavan   performed by    The Dubliners            1964   Ireland      Irish Ballad      

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