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Re: Bike set up Questions
« on: February 21, 2012, 23:28 »
yeah this makes sense too....moving the saddle back and flattening it, can often help if the problem if basically you are being pitched onto your arms/hands. It flattens out your back and should reduce the load upfront...still monitor the undercarriage though....doing what I have just described can cause you to sit on your perinaeum.

And I should have said before that just moving the saddle forward, without raising the stem, can actually worsen the problem, as it actually causes the drop from saddle tip to hoods/ drops to be greater leading to more neck flex and weight on arms etc

sorry if I am making it sound really is difficult without seeing you on bike and knowing how flexible you are. Trial and Error is unfortunately the way to go. I'd suggest that if the arms feel better in the position you've now adopted, but that you get neck ache, try raising the stem one spacer.

Your saddle fore/ aft position should basically leave your leg position as (with pedals at 3 o'clock) a straight vertical line from just behind your kneecap to your pedal/ cleat. So if your leg position is correct, you should basically be aiming to set up the front end of your bike so you are able to rest your arms, with a slight bend in them, on the hoods whilst maintaining comfort and without feeling that you are "stretching"

With regards flexibility, try imagining a plank of wood riding a bike. One with a large bulge in the centre, and you will be pretty close

i had a bike fit last year to try and help with knee problems so think the leg set up is pretty close to what it should be so am reluctant to change saddle too much. Will see how i go. Flexibility and weak core is large part of my problems, which i am now working on through combination of physio exercises given to me by bike fit guy and doing Yoga.
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