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Success in road cycling is not only the result of individual performances; there are factors of a
collective nature, specific to the team in its entirety, which contribute to it as well.

In order to obtain the most exact sporting value for each team, the sporting criterion in the
context of the team assessment process (cf. articles 2.15.011a, 2.15.011b, 2.15.070 and 2.16.016)
has been drawn up in a way that takes account of this distinctive feature.

To this end, two aspects are assessed:

 individual value: sum of the value of the riders who make up the team
 collective value: contribution of the team to individual performances
The object of the individual value is to express the strength of the riders making up the team in
the following year. It is thus based on the riders under contract in the following registration year.
Each rider is evaluated on the basis of:

 his placings in the various rankings

 his wins and podium places

This evaluation stretches over the last two seasons (as defined by UCI Regulations) in
order to return an accurate as possible value for each rider.
The 10 best riders are taken into account and their points added to give the individual

More reading

2014 sporting value from the UCI

INRNG blogg on the matter
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