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Re: Jan Ullrich
« on: February 09, 2012, 18:51 »
My only issue is that a rider who was forced out of the sport because of doping allegations and then sat on the sidelines not competing for five an a half years should have some of that time count toward a ban, even if it was only the one and a half years between the time he was prevented from starting the Tour to the date he retired.

The effective length of bans for riders are all over the place.  Mosquera is doing three years.  Landis was given two and a half.  Contador get about thirteen months out of competition.

I hope Ullrich makes a statement to the press and acknowledges the reality of doping the 90s and 00s.  It would do a little to combat the bullsh*t that is coming from the McQuaid, Ligget, and the others who want to whitewash what happened.

I agree, the decision to start the ban in 2011 is retarded.

However, I think that Ullrich should have given an 8 year ban starting in 2005, which, coincidentally, would also end in 2013. Same difference for me.
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