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Re: Jan Ullrich
« on: February 10, 2012, 14:00 »
If I was an idealist I'd be asking for Ulle to publish a detailed list of all the things he ever took and all the times he ever saw anyone else taking anything, like Arriviste and Bennoti are.

I am not asking for that, I don't think it is reasonable to compel or even expect convicted dopers to turn on their former team-mates.

I DO think it is reasonable to expect that convicted dopers actually face up to the reality of their situation and take responsibility for their actions, rather than making a mockery of the sport and insulting the intelligence of the fans by maintaining a ludicrous pretence of innocence and trying to portray themselves as the victim.

Come on, dude, neither of us said we wanted lists etc and of course I agree: you're absolutely right. Certainly he need only look at Floyd or Tyler Hamilton as examples of how naming names never gets you very far.

I'll rephrase: it would be good to hear more because yes, he doesn't owe anybody anything. Except probably his lawyers.  :(
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