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Re: What ya growin'
« on: February 13, 2012, 20:14 »
yeh, no danger of digging the ground here, the icy stuff from ten days ago is still on the ground. Its only today our front drive was free of ice.

All the fruit bushes are out. They seem to like the cold, at least, if you put them out cold, when the slightest patch of sun appears they all think whey-hey and start sprouting like crazy. Just gutted we left five year old established bushes behind. And the strawberries, started off with 8 plants, ended up with more than you could count. Cant beleive the idiot owner dug them up.

Potatoes have only started sprouting, going to be a good few weeks before they can go out anyway.

Might give broad beans a go, but we had problems in the south with the warm damp weather, got attacked every year by aphids and nothing would stop them (tried every trick in the book). Had tomato blight four years in a row down there as well.

oh, got lots of avacodo stones in the process of doing absolutely sweet fa. some in compost, buried to different levels, some supported by pins over water, you name it, theres an avacado stone doing it. Nothing.
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