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Re: Awesome computer setups
« on: February 17, 2012, 03:59 »
You should definitely build it yourself again.

32GB of RAM is crazy, although maybe I'm just jealous, it would be more for the lulz than anything!

I know you want to spend that much but I couldn't needlessly drop money for very little performance gain. With those Intel CPUs you are basically paying a little for a small performance increase, and a sh*t load for the fact that it's "Extreme", look at it compared to the 3930K which is almost half the price:

Also take a look at the high-end motherboards and see if you actually need all the "features". That Sabertooth does look nice though, not sure why it gives you 8 RAM slots when you can get 4x8GB though!

SLI does pretty well these days doesn't it? I'd consider that an option. I'd prefer to spend money on the GPU, or on an extravagant HDD/SDD setup.
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