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Re: Awesome computer setups
« on: February 17, 2012, 19:46 »
Current beast is a home-built unit, Intel i7-920 CPU, OC'd to 3.4GHz, 6 GB of RAM (DDR3 1660), huge CPU cooler & fan (Noctua NH-C12P SE14 Top-Down CPU Heatpipe Heatsink with NF-P14 Fan,, a decent video card with dual 22" monitors.

As a dedicated NON-gamer, but as an electronics engineer, I use my good desktop for doing most of my design simulation work - a lot is analogue design (yeah, op-amps, etc), so the simulations chew up mega-CPU resources, and a good dose of RAM, with the Quad-core devices, usually 7 of 8CPU's allocated for sims, and they are normally going at 95 - 98%, with 4-4.5GB of RAM used too.

Ploughs through the simulations, even with multiple analogue integrators and other math-intensive circuit elements, without getting hot enough to fry eggs on.... CPU temps normally peak at 55-60 deg C, the 920 CPU can go up to 90C, so got plenty of temp headroom.

I get my bits from www. a Chinese mail-order place. Cost me EUR1100 for the above setup, with the displays bought locally in Spain.
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