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Re: Introduce yourself
« on: January 23, 2012, 18:36 »
Pretty hilarious stuff right here.

EDIT: Here's my INTRODUCE YOURSELF to get back on topic
I'm bicing, and I spell like underarm hair
When I'm lazy which is everytime I'm here
I loved cycling since was 2005
Lance armstrong and phil liget fueling my drive
Then I realised a stooge those men indeed were
and a Cycling Forum I began to read over
and over and over and over again
each and every day morning and evenin
For 3 years plus a daily visitor
For much much less time a regular contributor
As i thought i might be ready to post regular
Some commercials advertising Kim Kardiashia
Began to offend, distract and demotivate
Along with a bunch of other issues, I'm bored of writing and I have to go eat so that'll do. I'm bicing. Welcome me.
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