How do you drink coffee?


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Re: Coffee
« Reply #30 on: March 11, 2014, 00:26 »
When offered coffee I mostly accept, as far as make coffee it is something I never do, mainly because if I have an option I most times prefer something else, which means I won't have real coffee around and only instant which in turns demise my desire for coffee further, Espresso I rarely drink, only when I really want to wake up which normally fails, leading me to drinking 4 cups of espresso fall a sleep and wake up about an hour later way too awake for everybody, I try to limit my caffeine usage so that when I do use it has a good effect and I'm not just tired when I am not on it. French press is honestly the best way to make coffee, that way it normally becomes really good, filter coffee is terrible in comparison, machine coffee is either weak 1 serving or burned second serving. Wiener Melange is normally my go to when the hot chocolate machine is ran out of hot chocolate. Else Ice coffee is amazing, I have a mixer and a frappé stirrer, both of which I use less as my local super market now sell Ice Coffee already mixed, the first few weeks after I found out I consumed about a liter per day, but after a week or two I decided that I better step down my consumption as there is no way anything that sweet can't be harmful
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