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Memorable speech by Pat McQuaid at the World Conference on Women and Sport


Pat McQuaid, the President of the International Cycling Union (UCI), made a speech at the 5th World Conference on Women and Sport, which was held this week in Los Angeles, in the United States. He spoke of the disadvantages, discrimination and underrepresentation often faced by women and of the challenges ahead.

He also outlined that major advancements had been achieved in recent years and spoke of some of the concrete steps taken by the UCI to make equal opportunities happen: ensuring an equal number of Olympic medals for men and women (this required a reduction of the number of men’s medals and an increase in the number of women’s medals/events); the successful development of a high profile elite level series called the women’s World Cup; improved contractual protection for teams; and better access to key roles within the sports community.

full speech attach.
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    Was he the comedian warm-up route

    How does he says that on one hand and then say what he said the WC on the other

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    Excuse my ignorance here but I'm posting to learn...

    "in 2009 UCI took a decision to have gender equity throughout our Olympic programme so this means that in 2012 at last there will be an equal number of medals in cycling for men and for women"
    ... is this an achievement? I assumed this was a normal situation.  Which sports do not have a men and womens categroy for each discipline of the sport?

    It would have been nice if he acknowledged some areas of concern rather than making it into a PR stunt

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    hmm. not on letterheaded paper. I wonder if this is just an elaborate hoax cooked up by @uci_overlord.
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