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Re: Prose and Poetry
« on: March 04, 2012, 20:33 »
Driving a rainbow,
Riding crimson clouds,
I ascend the Nine Peaks to the Gates of Jade.

Crossing Heaven’s River
Reaching Mount Kunlun
I meet the Western Goddess, pay my respects to the Sun.

Chisong’s  my companion,
With Xianmen  I am friends –
I learn to nurture my spirit with the Tao that transcends.

My food’s the immortal’s lingzhi
My drink’s from fragrant springs
My staff is made of laurel, and on my head an orchid ring.

No mortal affairs or troubles
No limits to where I go
As swift as the wind blows in the universe I travel.

Though the shadow has moved not
A thousand miles I’ve passed –
Ageless as the mountains but forgetting not the past.

Mo Shang Sang (Mulberry on the Fields) - Cao Cao.
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