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Re: team Sky news
« Reply #30 on: April 10, 2012, 09:12 »
I think not having Geraint was a huge fail. As a road cycling fan, im still annoyed by the damn olympics taking precedent.

Typical Britain, if you ask me. The Man doesn't want the country looking stupid at its own Olympics, so it's all hands on deck and sod your own life choices. Like the BCF nurtured you so now you owe the BCF (or whatever they call it nowadays). The Man just gets Brailsford to lean on the youngsters.

I'm more jaundiced than a leader's jersey about the Olympic track events, in no small part thanks to my sour grapes over not getting a look in on the tickets (and who the hell actually did get some?).

So what I look forward to is the steady but inexorable trickle of lads and lasses announcing they're quitting the track from August onwards. Boardman's already out, Pendleton probably actually will quit this time. And Swifty and Thomas are up next ...
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