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Re: team Sky news
« Reply #120 on: June 15, 2012, 11:59 »
No, it's a case of giving the benefit of the doubt for now. They showed some numbers to the ASO. Right, now tell me why you find it unimaginably suspicious? That they'll be immune to doping positives? When did the ASO take over those duties? If BMC's tyres get mysteriously punctured during the tour, then we'll have a definite reason to suspect them. Had they gone to the UCI or WADA, then defo reason to suspect them.

If you couldn't give a couple of curry filled farts, why bother about it?

I'm entitled to have an opinion about something, even if it seemingly goes against what others think. Also should be allowed to have that opinion without being labelled bias one way, clearly from someone with feelings the opposite way too. How is that any better?

I view this as suspicious, woe is me for being so cynical in this sport.  ::) Whatever their reasons for doing so '09 that was 3 seasons ago, why the need to do so now? There is certainly no worry for Sky now to lose their WT license (apart from obvious factors that apply to all teams) so how is that a concern now? Have wildcard teams this year "proven" themselves too? Are they sucking up, it certainly looks like it and no one likes the teachers pet, so its an highly presumptuous act, however you look at it.

If this came to light in '09 of course people would comment about it and apart from the CN bashes who are a lot more inflammatory in their thoughts towards Sky than I, I don't think anyway would think its outrageous, just suspicious as I pointed out.  If people think that's because of some vendetta against Sky then they have their own problems that need addressing.
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