Is Horner's Vuelta win believeable, in terms of clean racing, in your opinion?

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Re: Chris Horner
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In conclusion:

I hope you enjoyed this little trip down memory lane. Seeing as it was all Twitter-based, it only seems right to include at least one Tweet from the main man himself, from back then, as a sort of bookend to all of this.

In response to the growing and obvious skepticism surrounding his astounding achievement, Chris Horner announced the release of his Bio-passport data from 2008 to 2013.
(25 Sep 2013)


Quite recently, and just as my own interest in this topic had been reignited, a brief exchange, yet again on Twitter, would prove to be most illuminating. In a couple of Tweets and responses that would tie back to that memorable 2013 Vuelta, six years later there is still nothing but positive energy and mutual respect between these two veteran warriors of the road: (4 May 2019)


Additional reading and references:

Interesting discussion between JV and Neil Rogers (2 Sep 2013)
(Click to reveal the full thread)

More from JV

Cycling journalist Andrew Hood generally singing the praises of Chris Horner:

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