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Re: Formula 1 - 2012
« Reply #60 on: March 29, 2012, 21:36 »
Dude, no offense, but are you kidding? Did you watch Quali from Malaysia before leaving your post unedited for so long that I could respond to it?! lol...
If I read you correctly, you're suggesting that if the Lotus E20 proves to be a reliably fast car, the team will regret/lament having signed Kimi Raikkonen? (btw: in place of...who? Rubens, for example?! ::))

Even having made a couple of errors during his Q3 flying lap (which he admits to), Raikkonen's pace was competitive and his technique was visually beautiful to behold. Obviously as fans we don't have access to any data or real insight into the team, but just from his performance at Melbourne where he finished 7th after having started waaay back, and what he did today, I don't know how you could continue to think that Raikkonen's two-year break from F1 retarded his abilities. I don't even know how you could've thought that initially! lol  :fp

Anyway, enjoy tomorrow's Grand Prix. I'll leave you with something from Autosport...

[Some stuff that demonstrated that he had a super quick car but failed to get the most out of it]

No offence, but are you seriously suggesting that everyone should edit their posts as each event unfolds? If only it was that easy to rewrite history.

There are two drivers in a team, my point was that Grosjean wasn't good enough for the drive (and I may turn out to be wrong here, and no, I won't edit this post if I am) and Raikkonen hadn't competed in the sport for two years. (cheers for the spelling tip).
To suggest that Raikkonen is as good as he can be straight away in race one is bizarre, he's never used DRS before in a race and when he used KERS three years ago, it's benefits were so limited that only two teams ran it throughout the season. And lo and behold he doesn't get the results the car is capable of, while Grosjean parks up what's left of his car twice in a row.

As for other drivers, even now there are plenty of proven quick drivers without an F1 drive or in 'lesser' teams let alone when they started their search for drivers for 2012.

I expect Raikkonen to improve. The trouble is I also expect Ferrari, Red Bull, McLaren and possibly Mercedes to improve their cars at a faster rate than Renault once they all get them back to Europe. So while he is currently cobbling together a few points in what may be the second fastest car out there, he will end the season cobbling a few points in the fifth or sixth fastest.

So yes, on the evidence so far Renault will rue the fact that their driver line up currently isn't able to take advantage of the speed of their car.

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