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Re: Formula 1 - 2012
« Reply #60 on: April 14, 2012, 17:58 »
...the Chinese Grand Prix grid seems to indicate that we are in line to have one cracker of a race...heck, there is even the possibilty, though remote, that Kobacrashi may win ( now wouldn't that force the world to spin off axis for a while )...and there are other delicious possibilities here ( especially if there is moisture in the mix...Alonso could pull off another miracle...)...great on Raikkonen...and Vettel is off lost in the weeds ( and has to do something real super to assuage his fragile ego... )...and speaking of ego, the battle between Hamilton and Schumacher may end up with very big thud and plenty of carbon bits flying about... stock up on cold beverages...this may be a race for the ages...


All so true.  Not a huge fan of Vettel, so am delighted to see him not getting it all his own way - he looked murderous after getting knocked out this morning.  Should be interesting to see how he copes driving out of the midfield...

Would love to see Rosberg win from pole, or Raikkonen (anyone bu Schumacher...)  Fervently hoping Button has some decent race pace (because his qualifying pace was utterly woeful) and can get near the podium.

As for cold beverages, it's on 8 in the morning here, so think I'll be nursing a nice big cup of coffee  :)

Nice qualifying by the flying Japanese driver Kobayashi!     
  I'd love to see what he could do in a Ferrari or any better car.

Arguably he (and Perez) are currently in a car that is better than the Ferrari  ;)
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