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Re: Formula 1 - 2012
« Reply #60 on: April 15, 2012, 13:37 »
...very nice race...happy to see Schumacher leave early ( not a fan at all )...good on Rosberg to finally get his act together on race day...which will really not sit well in Schumacher's craw....too bad for Kobacrashi but he has a very fast car so maybe next time...and too bad Kimi ran out of tire toward the end...

...a bit of race course history for next year...

The 5.451km circuit is built on a former swamp and is supported by a buoyant polystyrene 'sandwich' which includes over 40,000 concrete piles, some of which go 80m deep into the soft earth. The track was also built at such a fast pace - it was completed in around 18 months - that it is vulnerable to subsistence, hence the bumpy nature.


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