Re: Formula 1 - 2012
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I think with F1 heading towards a budget cap, and Hamilton's last contract having been negotiated before the global economy went south, he may not have a choice. Merc almost certainly won't be able to offer much more in terms of hard cash.

The advantage they do have, though, is the wider appeal of their brand. Hamilton would make much more from additional endorsements, etc. than he would with McLaren. And if that is the reason he moves, he doesn't deserve a title-winning car!

Didn't watch much of the Singapore GP - the WCs were much, much more interesting!
Nah, Singapore was very good.

Mercedes could easily sh*t on most offers. The budget caps will not happen till all of F1 and FOTA get behind it (aye, Ferrari are backing it now). When does that happen? Surely, not in the next season.
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