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Re: Formula 1 - 2012
« Reply #120 on: September 28, 2012, 09:54 »
So it's all done, Hamilton to Mercedes (slightly surprised), Perez to replace him at McLaren.

I'm more than slightly surprised. He is leaving a team with a car capable of winning the title for a team without a car capable of winning at all (or even finishing most races...), on the basis that they will make a car capable of winning in a couple of years. But Hamilton wants to win now. And given their reputation and staff, I'd argue that McLaren might well do better under the new engine regs anyway.

Perez would be a great fit for McLaren - he is young, supremely talented and already more mature/disciplined on the track than, say, Maldonado or Grosjean. Plus, one assumes he will bring his Mexican sponsorship with him, which is an added bonus for my local boys from Woking (Woo! Surrey!  :win :win :win) and supremely damaging for Sauber. Losing that money will certainly rule out any move there from Schumi, however unlikely that would be for any number of other reasons.

So presumably, Massa is also staying put at Ferrari

Not guaranteed by any means... There are a couple of Ferrari academy drivers out there who would be in with a shout of his seat. Di Resta, for example. Massa never got back to his previous best after his accident a couple of years back.

Cue the toys rapidly leaving the Hamilton pram if/when this does not materialise   :)

Definitely a when, I think. And no way McLaren will take him back!

Incidentally, the Daily Telegraph story contains possibly my favourite line of all time:

Quote from: Tom Cary, Daily Telegraph
The announcement is almost certain to end the career of the most successful driver in Formula One, seven-time world champion Michael Schumacher, whose return three years ago to the sport he once bestrode like a colossus palpably failed to live up to expectations.
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