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Re: Formula 1 - 2012
« Reply #120 on: October 15, 2012, 11:26 »
as I read the BBC is the source for this, is it Eddie Jordan again who brought this to the public?!

From Vettel's point of view I think it's a good move, he has been with Red Bull long enough and has won everything - taking another challange is the right step at that point of the career + winning a championship with Ferrari is something special, of way more worth than winning it at Red Bull, even if would be the 5th consecutive titel. With the engine situation I also think it's not a bad move to join a factory-team.

Regarding Alonso, I don't think he is a driver who avoids competition. The situation is different now than it was an McLaren, he is way more mature - sure he'd prefere Massa to stay but I think he will like to face Vettel.

For Red Bull it's a bit different, they might struggle to find equivalent replacements. Their young drivers were not exactly as promising as expected, maybe Ricciardo will mature driving another year for Toro Rosso but I doubt he is fast enough. Maybe, depending on the progress at Mercedes and his relation to Hamilton, Rosberg might be an option. Maybe also Kimi, I think he always had some kind of relationship to Red Bull.
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