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Re: Retirement announcements
« Reply #60 on: September 06, 2013, 08:02 »
Sandy Casar will retire as well

there was an interview in Le Parisien today (gt):

He has stored his motorcycle near the Palace of Congress before settling in a café in porte Maillot. EMU, Sandy Casar extensively explained why, at age 34, he had decided to end a career started in 2000 and completed under the colours of the française des jeux. "I realize not really, says t - it. '' This decision will become reality when I read this interview in your journal...

"This season was your last?

SANDY CASAR. Yes. I saw Marc (Editor's Note: Madiot, the Manager of the JDF) Wednesday. It's been a little while, personally, I've thought. Since the beginning of the season, I have problems with allergies, and, above all, a back problem pretty recurrent that prevents me to be at my best level. I am always looking for old feelings that I can't find. I'd rather stop here rather than continue one more year in this same boat.

At the beginning of the season, you are intending to participate in the three major Tours (Italy, France, Spain). Finally, you only ran the first three days of the Giro before falling...

I am frustrated. For me, it's a failed season. It's been a lot of sacrifice, and altogether it nothing happens. Mentally, it really was not easy to manage. This season seemed endless. I really feel that my body says stop.

Know - you you'll do now? Good question...

I'd stay in cycling but not specially at the level race, rather on the side of the organization. I want to see what happens next. Why not at ASO (Editor's Note: Amaury Sport Organization, which manages the Tour de France)? I would like to organize, make the course, give my felt as a rider, because I find some more dangerous arrival details.

You are recognized as a clean rider. Have - you regret over all these years marked by doping?

No, because I always gave the best, I always fought. Thereafter, it cannot know what would have happened. But it is true that my decision to stop also takes into account this aspect: there is a small little ras up everything.

A think - you when you look at your results and your rankings?

The biggest disappointment, this is may be the sixth place in the Giro in 2006. There's not only one of the top five which is taking (for doping) behind... I will keep the small feeling of me flying.

Are - you jealous of superior awareness of other former French riders who have cheated yet, them?

Non. I know what I've done and how. OK, they may be more notoriety that me and in larger houses, but it is me equal. And then may be that they live badly. And may be at one time or another, they will regret it. You have your consciousness for you... That's it. Even if, for the public, what we are doing is unthinkable without doping. People don't believe me! I can no longer stand. It takes me to a bandit while I was very honest. It is painful. In addition, with positioning system Adams, I felt from the first day in prison. Taking my retirement, I have the impression out of jail!

How do see - you current cycling?

Everyone is more and better trained. Therefore the level is smooth. It will therefore be easier to see the one who cheats because immediately there will be a difference.

And Chris Froome then?

I want to believe (to its crushing in the 2013 Tour success) because I love this sport; but Armstrong said the same thing... In addition, there is still one big difference compared to the other... I do not know. We will see in the coming years.

I have always liked Casar, would have wished him a better season to retire. Doing all grand tours (and maybe winning a stage) sounded like a good plan, too bad it did not work out after his crash in the Giro
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